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THz Resources

Extended Spectral Coverage of BWO Combined with Frequency Multipliers (PDF 923 KB)
A Set of Lectures on Terahertz Technologies and Applications (March 2009)
THz Quantam Cascade Lasers (604 KB)
BWO THz Imaging (PDF, 1.24 MB)
BWO THz Spectroscopy (PDF, 1.85 MB)
BWO Technology and Applications (PDF, 2.40 MB)
THz Properties of Materials (PDF, 64 KB)
Intense Terahertz Excitation of Semiconductors (book, published December 2005)

NEW!! References to Publications of Our Clients :

Dr. Jurek Krzystek

S. Schoche, Junxia Shi, A. Boosalis, P. Kuhne, C.M. Herzinger, J.A. Woollam, W.J. Schaff, L.F. Eastman, M. Schubert, T. Hofmann: Terahertz optical-Hall effect characterization of two-dimensional electron gas properties in AlGaN/GaN HEMT structures - January 25, 2011;

T. Hofmann, A. Boosalis, P. Kuhne, C.M. Herzinger, J.A. Woollam, D.K. Gaskill, J.L. Tedesco, M. Schubert: Hole-Channel conductivity in epitaxial graphene determined by terahertz optical-Hall effect and midinfrared ellipsometry - January 5, 2011 Applied Physics Letters 98, 1(2011)

T. Hoffman, C.M. Herzinger, A. Boosalis, T.E. Tiwald, J.A. Woollam, M. Schubert: Variable-wavelength frequency-domain terahertz ellipsometry - January 2, 2010 Review of Scientific Instruments 81, 023101 (2010)

A. Boosalis, T. Hofmann, J. Sik, M. Schubert: Free-charge carrier profile of iso- and aniso-type Si homojunctions determined by terahertz and mid-infrared ellipsometry - 2011; Thin Solid Films

T. Hoffman, C.M. Herzinger, J.L. Tedesco, D.K. Gaskill, J.A. Woollam, M. Schubert: Terahertz ellipsometry and terahertz optical-Hall effect - 2011, Thin Solid Films.

P. Kuhne, T. Hofmann, C.M. Herzinger, M. Schubert: Terahertz optical-Hall effect for multiple valley band materials; n-type silicon - 2010, Thin Solid Films.

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