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THz News

Metamaterial Breaks Refraction Record (February 2011)
How Iodine May Help Protect you from Radiation Damage (December 2010)
The Water Dance (December 2010)
Softening Crystals without Heat (November 2010)
Silk Biosensor Can Monitor our Diseases (August 2010)
Silk "Invisibility Cloak" Created by Scientists (August 2010)
Researchers Demonstrate Highly Directional Terahertz Laser Rays (August 2010)
Scientists Use "Naked" Scanners to Probe Mummies (April 2010)
Terahertz Metamaterials Fabricated by Inkjet Printing (December 2009)
Terahertz Kerr Effect (December 2009)
German-Russian Center for Terahertz Research Established at ...(December 2009)
Physicist Sees Through the Opaque with "T-Rays" (December 2009)
Five From MIT Named IEEE Fellows (December 2009)
WISE Lifts Off Map to Infrared Universe (December 2009)
Lab Makes Solid Material Transparent to Terahertz Waves (December 2009)
Black Hole Caught Zapping Galaxy Into Existence (December 2009)
Space Station Research Soaring to New Heights (December 2009)
Spitzer Telescope Observes Baby Brown Dwarf (December 2009)
SOFIA Seeks Secrets of Planetary Birth (November 2009)
ALMA Telescope Reaches New Heights (November 2009)
Imperial College London to Develop Metamaterials for Invisibility (November 2009)
New Detector can Reliably and Rapidly Identify Liquid Explosives (November 2009)
Plasma Photonics: Harnessing Terahertz Polarization (August 2009)
Microscopy: A Terahertz Nanoscope (December 2008)
Largest Virtual Telescope for Short Wavelengths Opened (December 2008)
Researchers Succeeded in Developing a High Sensitivity THz Detector in a Chip (November 2008) THz Helps to find "Star Making Machine" in distant Universe (July 2008)
First Room-Tempurature Semiconductor Source of Coherent Teraherz Radiation (May 2008)
Waveguides Bridge "Terahertz Gap" (April 2008)
Tuning Terahertz (April 2008)
RIKEN Database of Terahertz Spectra goes Live (April 2008)
Camera 'Looks' Through Clothing (March 2008)
T-Rays to Help Solve Art Mysteries (February 2008)
Swedish Firm Integrates Antenna on RF Chip (December 2007)
Emission of Coherent THz Radiation from Superconductors (November 2007)
Researchers Reach for Higher Frequencies at 2007 IEDM (November 2007)
Motorola Prototype Validates Metal-Oxide for WPAN Device (October 2007)
New Miniature High-Power Amplifier: Teraphysics (September 2007)
New Terahertz Device Created (March 2007)
T-Rays Show the Inside of Wood (March 2007)
Fastest Transistor Approaches Terahertz Speed (January 2007)
ESO Sub-Millimeter Astronomy Fully Underway (July 2006)
Researchers 'lase' a trail to early detection of breast tumors (June 2006)
Powder-scanning biochip identifies illegal drugs (April 2006)
UMC claims silicon frequency record of 192 GHz (February 2006)
Researchers find new source of coherent light (January 2006)
CONDOR's First Look At The Universe (January 2006)
Sub-Millimeter APEX Telescope Inaugurated (September 2005)
Motorola, Phiar team on terahertz circuits (August 2005)
Airports test terahertz imaging (July 2005)
Pharmaceutical industry adopts terahertz waves (July 2005)
Scientists control super fast frequencies by using high temperature superconductors (April 2005) Scientists develop new laser (March 2005)
Antarctic AST/RO discovers starbursts in Milky Way (December 2004)
Meta-Materials offer a new approach to THz detection (March 2004)
Rensselaer opens Terahertz Research Center (December 2003)
Terahertz rays track down drugs (October 2003)
Quantum Cascade Lasers emit 3.4 THz under liquid Nitrogen cooling (June 2003)

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