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THz Detectors


Golay Cells are opto-acoustic detectors featuring:

  • Operation across a wide spectral range of 0.02-20 THz
  • High responsivity 104 V/W
  • Wide dynamic range 100 nW - 1 mW

Operation of Golay Cells is based on measuring vibrations in a gas cell caused by THz radiation heating. These are very stable and reliable detectors that are used in numerous research labs worldwide.

Download Golay Cell Detector Datasheet (PDF, 121 KB)



Pyroelectric Detector:

The pyro-electric detector based on LiTaO3 crystal, is designed for registration of modulated electromagnetic radiation in the millimeter and sub-millimeter wavelength range.

Download Pyroelectric Detector Datasheet (PDF, 165 KB)

THz Imaging Acquisition Software :

New THz Imaging Acquisition Software, compatible with the DAU-3, boosts the performance of Golay Cells and Pyroelectric Detectors.

Download Imaging Software Users Manual (PDF, 1.11 MB)

Pricing information is available on request at sales@mtinstruments.com


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